The 2019 Women Grow Leadership Summit convenes at a critical time for advocates of full federal cannabis legalization. Join us for two full days of keynote speeches, Lightning Talks, armchair discussions and curated breakout sessions at the Washington Court Hotel.

Scroll down to see our full agenda for Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8. Registration required for all WGLS Sessions.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Rise & Shine


Registration opens

Registration takes place in the Summit foyer (one level below the lobby) at the Washington Court Hotel.


WGLS photo opportunity at the u.s. capitol Reflecting pool

If you would like to participate in the photo opportunity, please meet the group in the lobby of the Washington Court Hotel at 7:30am. We will have guides leading groups 4 blocks to the photo site. A Shuttle will also be making trips to and from the photo site for those who need assistance from 7:30am until 10am. Please meet on the “monument” side of the pool (not the Capitol Building side).


Networking, Continental Breakfast and Coffee

Breakfast is available in the Summit foyer (near registration) at the Washington Court Hotel starting at 9:00am.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be shuttle service available from 11am until 4pm taking Women Grow registrants to and from DC dispensary, National Holistic Healing Center. Shuttles will leave on the :15 of every hour. Make sure to have your medical cannabis card and review DC’s reciprocity laws.

10:00am - 4:20pm


summit opening remarks

Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO, Women Grow & Owner, National Holistic Healthcare

Special Introduction

Linda Greene, Owner, Anacostia Organics & Board Member, Cannabis Trade Federation

Video Greeting

The Honorable Muriel Bowser, Mayor, Washington, D.C.


Morning session: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are Women Grow’s signature “TED-Style” talks on the main stage at the Summit. From inspiring personal stories and instructional talks to policy updates and celebrity appearances, the Lightning Talk program combines crowd-sourced presentations with talks from some of the biggest names in the business.

“The Power of Women”
Kristina Garcia, Board Member and CEO (2016-2018) Women Grow

“Conscious Capitalism: How To Help & Still Get The Bag”
Tanganyika Daniel, CEO, Jayn Green

“Cannabis in Puerto Rico”
Gabriela Rodriguez, Marketing Development Manager, Clinica Verde

“Sex & Cannabis in the #metoo Era”
Chelsea Cebara, Co-founder and Product Developer, Velvet Swing

“How Women Are Raising the Bar & Changing the Game for Major Cannabis Events”
Caroline Phillips, Founder and Producer, The National Cannabis Festival


Fireside Session

The Future is Female: A Conversation with the CEO’s Leading Big Cannabis Business

Darby Cox, CEO, Smoke Cartel
Wanda James, CEO, Simply Pure
Chris Visco, President & CEO, TerraVida Holistic Centers
Moderator: Fleesie Hubbard, Founder, FiveTen Wellness


Lunch Break


Special Message

The Honorable Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI 2nd District)


fireside session

“Breaking the Cannabis Glass Ceiling”

Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO, Women Grow & Owner, National Holistic Healing Center
Mary-Alice Miller, Chief Risk Officer, Columbia Care


Midday Session: Lightning Talks

“If my mom could see me now. Perspectives on Medical Marijuana”
Lisa Gray, Vice Chair, Ilera Healthcare

“No Judgment: Possessing Your Power in the Ever-Evolving Cannabis Industry”
Aliza Sherman, CEO & Co-Founder, Ellementa Inc.

“Restoring Indigenous Women's Economies: The Intersection of Power, Politics and Humanity”
Mary Jane Oatman, Founder, Indigenous Cannabis Coalition

“Alzheimer's, Women and Cannabis: an Introduction to Our Product Hyalolex”
Rachel Jutkowitz, Director of Marketing and Revenue, IGC


FIREside session:

“What Does Diversity Really Mean?”

Kassandra Frederique, NY State Director, Drug Policy Alliance
Roz McCarthy, Founder, Minorities for Medical Marijuana 
Liz McCauley, Deputy Director, Virginia NORML 
Moderated by: Gia Moron, President, Women Grow


Afternoon Session: Lightning Talks

“Overcoming Adversity to Get the Job of My Dreams”
Jyl Ferris, Creative Director, Ferris Design

”What's the real deal, is CBD legal or not?”
Scheril Murray Powell, Attorney & President, SMP Law/ Green Sustainable Strong, LLC

"Cultivate Good Times While Building Your Business”
Susan Hwang, CEO & Class A Board Member of Jamestown Center, Inc; CEO & Managing Member of SH Management Services LLC; Market Leader - Phoenix, Women Grow


fireside session

“What’s Next for Women Grow?”

Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO, Women Grow
Gia Moron, President, Women Grow
Parisa Rad, Market Leader Program Director, Women Grow & President, MJMomma Consulting


Closing Remarks

Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO, Women Grow & Owner, National Holistic Healthcare

4:20pm - 6:00pm

Ilera presents the WGLS Reception & fashion show
featuring designs by korto momolu of project runway

Directly after Lightning Talks conclude, registered guests are invited to enjoy networking with refreshments and snacks at the WGLS Reception at the Washington Court Hotel.

SATURday, June 8, 2019

Rise & Shine

7:00am - 8:00am

Kundalini Yoga to Reset & Activate

This all-levels yoga class incorporates simple movements, meditative dance, chant, and sound healing. We'll release stress, balance our hormones, increase fearlessness, and build energy for the day––before chilling out at the end. Bring a water bottle and something to sit on like a towel. No yoga mat necessary.

Instructor: Jazmin Hupp, Bay Area Market Leader, Women Grow

7:15am - 8:30am

guided running/walking tour of the mall

Come out and stretch your legs on a guided running/walking tour of the monuments and national mall. All paces are welcome and encouraged to join! If you’d like to join us, please wear your running/walking gear and meet in the lobby near the elevators in the Washington Court Hotel at 7:15am.

Tour Guide: Caroline Phillips, Founder, National Cannabis Festival


Networking, Continental Breakfast and Coffee

Break-Out Sessions

Women Grow Break-Out Sessions take place on Saturday, June 8, and cover 4 main themes:

  • Marketing/PR

  • Policy/Legal

  • Health/Wellness

  • Business/Investment


Business Track

From Investment to Return: Business Planning, Funding Strategy and Operation/Execution

Location: Breakout Room A

Starting a business is a big challenge. Starting a business in the cannabis industry is an even bigger challenge. Join our panel of cannabis business experts as we talk through the fundamentals of business strategy development, how/when to seek investment and the process of moving an idea from planning to execution.

Christine De La Rosa, CEO & Co-Founder, The People’s Dispensary  

Andi (Andrea) Goldman, CFA, Esq., Principal, Equitas Partners Fund 

Dena Jalbert, Founder & CEO, Align Business Advisory Services

Sheri Orlowitz, CEO, Artemis Holdings

Moderator: Tanya Osborne, NYC Women Grow Market Leader

Marketing/PR Track

Cannabis Marketing: Social Action, Small Business and Big Distribution

Location: Breakout Room B

Online censorship, negative stigma, ad bans. These are just some of the challenges facing businesses and non-profit advocacy groups in cannabis. Join us for an in-depth discussion on marketing best practices and tips and tricks for working around obstacles in marketing cannabis businesses and organizations.

Hannah Davis, Chief Marketing Officer, Mammoth Distribution

Kimberly Dillon, Founder, Plant & Prosper 

Lisa Jordan, VP of Marketing, Canna Advisors

Aisha Khan, VP eCommerce & Digital, Vireo Health, Inc.

Moderator: Mary Pryor, CEO & Founder, Cannaclusive


Pitch Perfect

Location: Breakout Room C

Picture this: you step into the elevator at the Washington Court Hotel and to your right stands Oprah Winfrey. She notices your Women Grow pin, smiles, and asks if you're in the cannabis industry. You look up and see the building floors slowly ticking by. You have one minute to sell Oprah on your business dreams. Are you ready?

The Pitch Perfect Workshop breaks down the components of a strong elevator pitch. Learn from our group of career advisors and coaches and be ready to speak confidently on your business vision when opportunity knocks.

Maureen McNamara, Founder & Chief Facilitator, Cannabis Trainers

Kelly Perez, Co-Founder, Kindcolorado, LLC

Sharon Stolt, President, Constellation Leadership Solutions LLC

Health/Wellness Track

Cannabis and Family Wellness: Pregnancy, Parenting and Preventative Care

Location: Breakout Room D

The conversation around cannabis has finally evolved to include full family wellness. From cannabis and pregnancy to pediatric cannabis patients, we're only just scratching the surface of the potential of this natural medicine. Join our panel of patients and parents as we examine cannabis and family wellness.

Erica Daniels, Founder, Hope Grows For Autism

Melanie Julion, Hypno-Doula & Childbirth Educator, Happy Brown Baby LLC / The Cannabis Doula   

Desiree Ivey, RN, Co-founder, Medicinally Jointed 

Moderator: Parisa Rad, Market Leader Program Director, Women Grow & President, MJMomma Consulting


Business Track

From Coding To Construction: How Tech Is Shaping The Future Of The Cannabis Industry

Location: Breakout Room A

From testing and cultivation equipment to marketing and packaging, technology touches every corner of cannabis industry and community. Hear about the latest innovations and ideas shaping the future of cannabis and learn how your skills can translate and place you in the career of your dreams at the intersection of cannabis and technology.

Jill Agnello, Manager, Partner Operations, PAX

Jeannette Ward Horton, Vice President of Global Marketing, MJ Freeway

Christina DiArcangelo Puller, CEO & Founder, Affinity Bio Partners

Moderator: Ebony Costain, Founder and CEO, Bear Ventures 


Cultivating a Career in Cannabis: How to Land Your Dream Job

Location: Breakout Room B

Are you looking for a career in cannabis? The industry is booming and along with it, so are both the supply and demand for talent. Is landing a job in our industry any different from any other job search? Through the lens of an employer, hear how Columbia Care approaches hiring the best and brightest and learn how to set yourself apart as a candidate.

Sherry Gingerich, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Human Capital Programs, Columbia Care

Health/Wellness track

Compliance & Science: What You Need to Know About CBD, Hemp and your health

Location: Breakout Room C

From CVS Pharmacy to to your local dispensary, CBD products are everywhere. Bring your questions for our panel of experts as we explore all things CBD! How can CBD be part of your daily wellness lifestyle? What should you be looking for when purchasing CBD products? What are some red flags?

Shira Adler, Founder & CEO of Shira Synergy & Author of The ABCs of CBD

Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder & Chief Formulator, JBK Wellness Labs

Scheril Murray Powell, Attorney & President, SMP Law/ Green Sustainable Strong, LLC

Moderator: Jessica Potts, Market Leader, Louisiana Women Grow

Policy/Legal Track

From Policy to Prescription: Changing Laws to Dispense Medicine

Location: Breakout Room D

When the first medical cannabis laws started passing in the U.S., people thought it was predominantly to pave a path towards legalization. Today, an overwhelming 90% of Americans support medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for everything from seizures to chronic pain; however, over 100 million American’s still don’t have access to a medical marijuana program. Join us for a discussion on how to ensure your state is writing medical cannabis legislation that protects and serves patients.  

Debbie Churgai, Interim Director, Americans for Safe Access  

Andrea Paine, National Director of Government Relations, Aurora Cannabis

Dr. Kisha Vanterpool, Co-Founder, Medically Jointed

Moderator: Saphira Galoob, Principal and CEO, The Liaison Group


Networking & Lunch Break



Dollars and Sense: How to Budget for and Build a Revenue-Generating Cannabis-Themed Event

Location: Breakout Room A

The arrival of cannabis legalization has ushered in a new era of special events built around cannabis culture, advocacy and industry. Whether you’re coordinating a fundraiser for a drug policy non-profit or trying to create a budget for a large conference or festival, cannabis-themed events can mean big business - and, when handled incorrectly, big losses. Learn how the producers behind the biggest cannabis event brands in the nation build budgets, develop new ideas for revenue streams, and create the funding plans to support some of the events helping define the next generation of cannabis industry and advocacy.

Gia Moron, Executive Vice President, Women Grow

Caroline Phillips, Founder and Producer, The National Cannabis Festival

Policy/Legal Track

Policy Priorities: Creating a Strong Equitable Industry

Location: Breakout Room B

While wealthy executives flood cannabis industry c-suites and the industry is poised to make billions, black and brown people are still getting arrested and currently serving time in prison for marijuana related offenses. Join us for a discussion on why equity should be a priority for all business owners and how you can support equity efforts in your state.

Queen Adesuyi, Policy Coordinator, Drug Policy Alliance

Roz McCarthy, Founder, Minorities for Medical Marijuana 

Lindsay Robinson, Executive Director, California Cannabis Industry Association  

Kebra Smith Bolden, RN, Founder & President, CannaHealth

Moderator: Laurel Freedman, Philadelphia Market Leader, Women Grow

Health/Wellness Track

Sex, Cannabis & Feminine Wellness

Location: Breakout Room C

Enhanced sexual pleasure, menstrual discomfort, menopause symptoms. More and more women are turning to cannabis to ease discomfort and/or increase pleasure. Learn about the science and new cannabis products geared towards feminine wellness.

Kymberly Byrnes, CMO & Co-Founder of TribeTokes

Reba Thomas, Founder & CEO, Sexpert Consultants

Renee Williams, Clinical Scientist & CEO, Triple Apex

Moderator: Rebecca Perrick, Las Vegas Women Grow Market Leader

Policy/Legal Track

Navigating the Legal Business of Cannabis

Location: Breakout Room D

From 280E and environmental compliance to cannabis testing and IP law, the legal landscape of the cannabis industry is murky at best. Join our panel of experts as we look at the present and future of cannabis business compliance and regulation at the state and federal level.

Heidi Urness, Strategic Legal Counsel, Cultiva Law PLCC

Sheila Gibson, Founder & Patent / Trademark Attorney, Aura IP Law

Scottie Gordon, Vice President, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Curaleaf

Moderator: Kristin Jordan, Senior Counsel, Greenspoon Marder


health/wellness track

Healing Garden: Home vs Commercial Cultivation

Location: Breakout Room A

Across the country, patients are seeking broader access to cannabis as medicine. In states where medical cannabis is legal, licensed cultivators have fine-tuned processes to ensure strain consistency, potency and safety for patients. In states with home grow laws, cannabis patients and enthusiasts are cultivating their own cannabis. Join our panel of experts for a talk looking at the similarities and differences between best practices for home growing and commercial cannabis cultivation. Get ready to take a lot of notes!

Grace Hyde, Operations Manager, District Cannabis

Sarah Kenney, Co-Owner, Wash Hydro

Iesha Jameson, Operations Mangers, YouGroGurl

Camille Tindal, Garden Manager, District Growers

Moderator: Gail Rand, CPA, Chief Financial Officer & Patient Advocate, ForwardGro


Investors Wanted: How to Create a Winning Pitch Deck

Location: Breakout Room B

Are you seeking investment in your startup? Do you know how to create an investor pitch deck that articulates your business vision in a compelling and concise way? Join Deborah Johnson, Director of the Breeze Investment Team for The Arcview Group, for a step-by-step tutorial on the "Do's and Don'ts" of creating a winning pitch deck that supports your financing efforts.

Deborah Johnson, Director, Breeze Investment Team, The Arcview Group

Business Track

The Business and branding of Edibles and Infused Products

Location: Breakout Room C

From topical ointments to candy to drinks, infused cannabis products are taking the market by storm. Consumers want options beyond smoking and vaping and companies are taking notice. Learn how laws on infused products vary from state to state and here experts provide a forecast of the next big trends in cannabis and infused products and the companies that will be taking the lead.

Jennifer Culpepper, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Brand Joint

Robyn Lawrence, Author, Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, Pot in Pans: A History of Eating Weed

Kacey Morrissey, Director, Industry Analytics, New Frontier Data

Marvina Thomas, CEO, 420 Skincare & Director , Community Outreach, Women Grow

Moderator: Kelley O’Connell, Co-founder, Pink Fox